Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bad Luck Weekend

Its Halloween weekend!!!!


I love Halloween, but I hate it.  I think I'm cursed.  Every Halloween I am ALWAYS SICK and everything in my life goes wrong.

But my Halloween Curse still doesn't stop me from having fun!

We celebrated Lisha's birthday last night!

I was a Gyaru Zombie~!  haha i got to wear my circle lenses too!!!  I finally got them yesterday, and let me tell you it was super hard to get them in.  I've never worn contact lenses before so I had a lot of trouble getting them in, lol Lisha had to put them in for me haha

We took some purikura too~! I'll have to upload those later~

Even though I was half dead (lol get it?) from being sick and stuff, I still had fun!

here are some pictures from the night

My outfit

Me and my friend Lisa

Some of the Girls in the purikura machine

Me, Lisa, and Kimi

Me and Kevi

Can I has your brain pleazzze?

Me and She hulk

I started craving brains. . .

Tomo was ment to be She Hulk xD

I was starting to get hungry again. . . .

Get your Knees flexin' and your arms T-rexin' and do the CREEP

Haha i needed to snack on something loL!

Tomo was ment to be green!

Trying to get the green off of tomo lol!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding Bells and a Mini Gal Reunion

Moga's wedding was last weekend and it was a lot of fun!
Before I talk about the wedding, I'm going to talk about a few things that have been running in my mind lately.
Recently me and an old gal sister, Tomo, made amends and are now talking again ^^ which makes me really happy because I really missed that Gal~!  Me, her, Lisha, and Nami would just sit around and laugh at the dumbest things!  I missed those days and I missed her <3  I miss Nami too!!!  I can't wait till she comes back to chicago so the four of us can be goofs together again :D

Yes, some things were said and blogged about, but people were mad and hurt and that's all in the past~  I'm looking forward to the new memories we will all make~

Also, every where I look it's like everyone is getting married!  EVERYONE!!! Everyone on my Facebook friend list is either having a wedding or going to a wedding xD

This one particular wedding I went to last friday was a really special one though, It was my Gal sister Moga's wedding~ And OMG It was sooo fun!  She looked sooo beautiful!  Of course I took ALOT OF PICTURES!!!!
It was like a mini B*C reunion: Me, Lisha, Tomo, Moga, Julie, and KiraKira were there!  We were missing kevi and amara though :(  if everyone would've been there it would have been even better~!

OK picture time!

Tomo and Me

Lisha and Me

My name tag~  Sam didn't go with me though- but lisha was my plus 1 :D

The table settings

Our table

You can bet your bottom dollar I was eyeing that bottle lol

The beginning of the wedding

They started doing a dance

The Groom

MOGA!!! the Beautiful bride <3

Newly Weds!

What I looked like

lol outfit shot

me and Lisha

Me, Tomo, and her boobies xD

Me, Tomo, and my alcohol xD

one of my favorite pictures of us!

Us ad the Newly Weds

Moga and Jason

It was so much fun!  I'm so glad she invited us to her wedding~

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Co-Worker Stan

Quick story for you guys!!!!!

So the other day I had to work with the 'new guy' at work, Stan.
He's pretty cool I suppose. . .whenever we work together we just tend to goof around and laugh like loons about the dumbest thing.

So we were listening to the store music, which happened to be Miley Cyrus (or however you spell her name) Party in the USA
I told Stan how much I hate that song and how I can't stand Miley.
Eventually Stan goes on break and I'm cleaning the store and walking around and end up singing along to Party In the USA (IDFK WHY)  and Stan comes back from break, here's what our Conversation was:
Stan: OH so you DO like Party in the USA!
Me:  Um no I hate it.  I just told you this like 20 minutes ago.
Stan:  Then why were you singing it?
Me:  I wasn't. . . . . .. (obviously I lied)
Stan:  I heard you from behind the curtain I was standing behind
Me:  ummmmm o.O

LMFAO!  WHAT A CREEPER!!!!!!!  Even the customer that was infront of us heard him and started laughing lol!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moga's Bachelorette Party!

Soo last night me and Lisa went to our Gal Sister Moga's Bachelorette party!
It was sooo fun!  I really need to hang out with her more often!  I forgot how fun she is <3

We went to this place called WhirlyBall to play lazer quest lol!
Of course, we ate pizza and drank before hand (well I drank a lot xD)  Here's some pictures from the fun night^^
This post is kind of pic heavy sorry about that
Moga and the pecker-pops 

Lisha and her Pecker-Pop

Julie and her Pecker-Pop

mmmmm red pecker-pop

We didn't have strippers . . . .soooo. . .

Lisha's Cig Face

My Cig Face

Kate's Cig Face

The pizza we ate mmmmm

The Bridal group

Everyone that came to the party

Getting ready for Lazer battle 

Yea idk what i'm doing

Dont ask lol

B*C Gals being. . .. well. . . .B*C Gals lol

I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth

Sooo those were some of the pictures we took from last night~  I CANNOT wait for the Wedding!!! It's going to be soo fun~